The image below show the default graphical user interface provided with Thyrix. In the picture, the Iunctus agent, having two articulated arms (in the top right corner), interacts with objects in the environment.

The example agents provided with Thyrix:

Spherus: The agent is the simplest one that can push objects around without slipping. It is composed of two circles linked by an elastic link. The agent can controll the length of this link (illustrated with green in the picture) and apply forces to its body (illustrated as arrows). The agent has two eyes: the light orange lines represent the view angles of each of its sensors, and the dark orange lines represent the activations of the sensors, due to the object that is in front of the agent.
Pac: The agent is composed of several circles linked by elastic links. One of the links can be controlled by the agent, and thus it functions as a mouth. The picture illustrates two Pac agents. The one at the bottom has ingested an object from the environment and carries the object inside it.
Iunctus: It is an example of an articulated agent that can be simulated with Thyrix Pro. It has two articulated arms with which it can manipulate objects, and a circular body with an eye.